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15 Rad Bookstagram Accounts to Follow

Ashley Holstrom |
7 years ago

Every few months, I find myself scrolling through Instagram, searching for beautiful bookish people to follow, known as the “Bookstagram” network. I end up scrolling for days, screenshotting gorgeous reading nooks to try to emulate in my own home. You know the type — picture-perfect bedrooms with string lights and canopies and vintage teacups.

Some are classic Tumblr bedroom readers. Some have elaborate photoshoots with their books. Some take their books on all their adventures with them. Some are simple and elegant, with white backdrops. All of them are gorgeous.

Here are some of my favorite Bookstagram accounts. Be careful not to double tap on anything too old when you stalk these beauts.

1. ice_cream_books. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

2. obviousstate, for calming photos of books.

3. bookfence‘s bio says it all: “We believe everyone should be readers.”

4. subwaybookreview is SO GREAT. Randomly interviewing people about what they’re reading is such a fab idea.

5. catbookclub, for all your cat-eating-book needs. Or, in this case, cat sandwich needs.

6. booksugar makes me want to paint all my walls and floors and furniture white. And let only books be colorful.

7. forgottenbookmarks is run by a fellow who sells used and rare books. He shares the wild things he finds in used books.

8. fictiontea is dark and spooky. With dark and spooky reads.

9. bookbento, for pleasingly organized photos of books with other items.

10. igreads shares photos from across bookstagram. It’s the bomb.

11. cosyreads, because you can always use a photo of a bookcase organized by color.

12. reads.crime has a table with book pages painted on it, so I call that a win.

13. booksandbeans feels like Sunday morning every day.

14. sumaiyya.books is beautiful.

15. perpetualpages. Just look at that cozy reading space.

And, of course, your favorite bookish site, bookriot.

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Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!